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Use this form to request permission to use a WRI publication with a restricted copyright, or to use any material in a manner that is not covered by our general license. Note that our general license allows for broad use of most material on this site without requiring explicit permission, unless specified otherwise for a specific page or publication.

You should use this form if:

  • You want to reprint or reproduce all or part of a publication that is marked “All Rights Reserved.”
  • You want to distribute any material on this site for commercial purposes.
  • You want to use any material on this site in a way that is beyond the scope of our Creative Commons policy.

You don't need this form if:

  • You simply want to download and read a publication.
  • You want to quote or cite something in your own writing or research. Everything on this website, whether licensed under Creative Commons or not, may be quoted if it is cited appropriately.
  • You want to use a publication marked "Licensed Under Creative Commons" in a manner consistent with our Creative Commons policy.
Enter the name and URL of the publication, insights article, or other WRI material for which you are requesting permission.
Provide as much information as possible about how you propose to use and distribute this report or material, and the intended audience. For example, how many copies will be printed, or will the material be posted on a web site? Do you intend to adapt/modify the material that will be reproduced? If the requested use is commercial in nature, what is the projected the sale price of the final product? If the material will be incorporated into a report, book, or article, provide a brief summary of the larger work.

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