Muhammad (Shidiq) is the Air Quality Lead in Indonesia for the Clean Air Catalyst program. He works to lead and expand the air quality portfolio in Jakarta as one of the pilot cities of the program. The main role is to anchor WRI’s air quality research, technical support on air quality management, and engagement in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, particularly in Jakarta. He also contributes to identifying ways to help reduce pollution sources based on the available scientific evidences and works with local scientific, community, policy, private sector and other partners to collaborate in developing the air quality program.

Prior to joining WRI, Shidiq previously worked in research and inter-government relations to implement programs in environmental studies related to air pollution and waste water management, climate change and clean energy. He has had  joint research experience with Gadjah Mada University, Nanyang Technological University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the last four years, He has also worked with ASEAN Secretariat to implement Science, Technology & Innovation programs with ASEAN-USAID IGNITE as Program Manager for Science & Technology & Innovation, and clean energy projects with ASEAN-German Energy Program (AGEP).

Shidiq holds a B.Sc in Environmental Chemistry from Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia and a M.Sc in Energy and Environmental Science from University of Groningen in the Netherlands.