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WRI believes that good data is the foundation of good decision-making. We produce data sets, data platforms and data-based tools, which we make freely available through our open data commitment.

WRI’s Data Lab uses advances in data and technology to help our researchers improve lives, protect nature and ensure just transitions.

There is more data available today than ever before thanks to rapid advances in technology, satellites, on-the-ground monitoring, and engaged communities recording information about the world around them. Yet, too often policymakers, business leaders, and analysts cannot access the data they need to make informed decisions about the environment and human well-being. 

WRI’s suite of data platforms are at the forefront of our data work. These platforms enable users to monitor forest change in near-real time, track the drivers of climate change, analyze water risks around the world, examine the cross-section of global environmental issues and more.


Open Data Commitment

WRI believes that sound policies and informed decisions require the free flow of information. To that end, we commit to making our data and the results of our research freely available for all to use.

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